The Benefits of Taking Your Young Dog to Puppy Class

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If you have a young puppy or are thinking of getting one, it would be a great idea to enroll you and your puppy into a puppy class. You can find puppy classes in nearly every larger city and it costs very little to sign up.

Your puppy will benefit greatly. First of all, he will be exposed to other dogs at a very early age. This will teach him how to properly interact with other dogs and will get him used to seeing and being around other dogs. Your dog will also learn some very basic things that all dogs should learn, such as how to sit, stay and come when told.

The puppy class will also teach you how to properly interact with your dog. The instructors at these classes will teach you proper training techniques to ensure that your dog will grow up well-adjusted, well-behaved and well-balanced. So, do you and your new puppy a big favor that will last his lifetime-sign up for you local puppy class. You will both have fun and your dog will be a better friend to you for many years to come!


Save A Life - Pulau Ketam Dogs Rescue Campaign

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Dog lovers be warned - this story is sure to anger, upset and make you want to do something to help.

The quaint Malaysian fishing village of Pulau Katam is a typical Chinese village. There are coffee shops, old temples and narrow streets. But unline other Chinese village, there are no stray dogs wandering the village roadways.

The villagers have been rounding up all of the dogs that live on the island of Pulau Katam and shipping them to a nearby island that is deserted. This island is a mangrove island with such harsh conditions that no people live on it. The Pulau Katam villagers do not care that all of the dogs face a long and painful death-they are only happy to be rid of them and could not care less what happens to the poor creatures they are forcing to live in such a horrible place. The muddy, poisonous snake infested island is a death trap for any intruder.

There is a group of people, namely SPCA Selangor Animal Inspectors and Save A Stray (SAS) founder Jacqueline Tsang who are doing all they can to rescue these poor dogs. Upon their first trip to the deserted island on May 6, 2009, they saw a group of dogs standing on the shoreline of the island. As their boat inched closer, they saw several starving dogs eating the remains of another dog who apparently had died of starvation. Nearby they saw more dogs-all were starving and mulling around, looking for anything at all to eat. The sight was shocking and sickened the rescuers.

The rescue group have vowed to do whatever they can to get onto the island and somehow capture the dogs and return them to the mainland for rehab and care. It will not be easy, considering the dangers involved, plus the dogs will not trust those trying to help, as they have been betrayed by the humans to took them there.

The dogs that are too sick and weak will be euthanized on the island, so that they will not have to suffer any longer. The dogs that can be rescued will be cared for and fed daily and will be neutered and given new homes. The estimated number of dogs that are on that little island is around 300, although no one knows for sure of the number.
The villagers of Pulau Ketam say that the stray dog problem has gotten so far out of hand, that they felt they had no choice but to exile the dogs. The say too that they did not want the dogs to be caught and then killed, so they thought the smart thing would be to take them to another island. How wrong they are! The villagers have now agreed, however to cooperate in sterilizing both stray and pet dogs that remain on their island, so hopefully this is the last time it will happen there.

If you would like to help, the SPCA and SAS is asking for contributions. The money donated will go toward hiring boats to get to and from the island, for buying dog food, medical supplies and dog cages needed for transporting the poor creatures back to civilization.

You may also contribute by sending money. Just email the SPCA at to ask how you should go about making a donation.

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Save a Life!


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The Benefits of Owning a Small Dog

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Dogs are great! If you are thinking of getting a dog, be sure not to rule out getting a small breed. Small dogs are so mobile, that you can take them practically everywhere with you. If you are on a long walk and your little dog tires out, you can simply pick him up and carry him along!

There are also special small dog carriers available that are designed for the smallest breeds. These carriers come in the form of backpacks, shoulder bags and sling-type harnesses that you just slide you little four-legged friend into and take him along with you.

If you live in a small apartment, a loft or even a small house, owning a small dog is a great idea. Small dogs do not need as much space as a big dog and many landlords will allow tenants to own small breed dogs.

Another great advantage of owning a small dog is that they do not require nearly as much activity as a large dog. Of course they need walks and play time, but taking a small dog out around the block a few times per day is usually sufficient. If you own a large breed on the other hand, that dog will need to cover a lot more ground each day to ensure that he gets a sufficient amount of exercise.

So if you are going to get a dog, please do consider the small breeds. They are easy to carry, take up less space and are less expensive to keep as they do not eat nearly as much food as the large breeds.

Make Sure Your Dog Has An ID Tag

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No matter even if you are really careful, your dog could become lost and having your dog wear an ID tag is essential and will increase the possibility that you will get your dog home safe and sound.

It is a great idea to get your young dog used to a collar when he is a puppy. Be sure that you can easily slip two of your fingers between the collar and your dog's neck, so the collar is not too tight. After about one week of wearing the collar, your dog should be very used to the collar and will not even notice that he is wearing it. The next step is to get a dog identification tag engraved with your dog's name, your name and phone number.

If your dog escapes from your house or yard and is not wearing an ID tag, the chances are slim that you will ever locate him. With the tag, whoever finds your companion needs to only call the phone number on the tag and then you and your pet will be re-united. Dogs are a part of our families, so please do remember to have your dog wear an ID tag.

Follow this one simple rule: Off property, on leash. Be sure to have your dog leashed when he is not at home. You and your dog will both be happier and you will have the peace-of-mind knowing that you are doing everything you can to ensure that you will have your dog in your life for as long as possible.



Why Do Dogs Bark?

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Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. Dogs bark to communicate with you, with other dogs or to express how they are feeling. When dogs play together they bark. This is just a way that they are telling each other something. It is a bit difficult for us humans to guess what exactly they are saying to one another, but when a dog barks at us, it is usually relatively easy to tell what it is they mean by it.

Dogs will bark at people when they are ready to be fed, to be let outdoors or for a variety of other reasons. When a dog barks, he usually looks in the direction of what he wants, and this can be a good clue as to what his barking means. If your dog wants to go outdoors, he will probably bark at you and then look at the door.

A dog that seems to bark for no reason at all, could have a psychological problem or even a heath issue, and it would be a good idea to talk to a veterinarian about it.

Dogs bark to communicate. So the next time your dog barks for what you think is no apparent reason, just watch him carefully and you will probably discover why he is barking.