Choosing a Dog Breed

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If you are thinking of getting a dog as a pet, how do you know what breed is best for you? Dogs come in all sizes and breeds, and the simple task of choosing a dog can be overwhelming.

You should look first at your living situation. If you live in a small apartment in a city, it would probably not be the best choice for you to get a Great Dane. Large breed dogs require space and they need much more exercise as well. Large dogs are also more expensive to keep because they eat a great deal more food than a smaller breed.

If you are an older individual, it may also be wiser to choose a small breed dog like a Yorkshire Terrier or Toy Puddle, for example. These smaller breeds do not require such vigorous activity, so four or five walks of about 15 minutes each, should suffice in keeping the dog fit and happy.

If there are children in the household, choosing a dog breed that is known to get along well with children is very important. Some dogs are known to be a bit predictable, so choosing an American Pit Bull for instance, may not be the best idea.



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